Catalogue of Works
Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble,
Choral Music, Brass and Percussion Ensemble,
Solo and Chamber Works

Allen’s Landing (ballet) 2121/2211/timp/perc/piano/harp/strings25 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)
Capriccio for Small Orchestra 2121/2110/timp/perc/piano/strings9 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Concertino for Oboe and Strings8 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Concerto No. 1 for Trumpet20 mins.manuscriptR
Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet17 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Dialogues for Percussion and orchestra
multi-perc solo/2222/4331/piano/strings
18 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Fanfare for Orchestra & Antiphonal Brass
3 mins.Southern Music Co.
The Final Covenant
8 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Intrada for Orchestra
5 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)
Overture for a Legacy 2121/2100/perc/strings11 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Rhapsody for Trumpet
12 minsBoosey & Hawkes (rental)
Symphonic Treatise 2,picc,22,bcl,2/4331/timp/perc/piano/strings15 minsBoosey & Hawkes (rental)R
The Thread of the Fates
2,picc,22,bcl,2/4331/timp/perc/double strings
15 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)
Three Episodes for Orchestra
14 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)
Accolade9 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Antiphon4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Ceremonial Proclamation8 mins.Southern Music Co.
Chant of the Phoenix8 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Concerto for Piano and Winds15 mins.Ludwig Music Pub. Co.
Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet17 mins.Boosey & Hawkes (rental)R
Concerto Grosso for Brass Quintet and Band15 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Credo6 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Cryptic Essay8 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Fanfare for Band and Antiphonal Brass3 mins.Southern Music Co.
The Final Covenant8 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Introit7 minsSouthern Music Co.
Jargon (After William Billings)7 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
March for Tripod3 mins.TRN Music
A Passing Fantasy7 mins.Southern Music Co.
Prelude and Double Fugue9 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Reflections on Paris15 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Requiem9 mins.Southern Music Co.
Rhapsody for Trumpet and Band12 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm11 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Studies in Motion13 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Terpsichore4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Toccata11 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Choral Music
Ballad of Good Counsel TTBB w/Trombone quartet8 mins.Southern Music Co.
A Floral Fancy SATB and Piano5 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
An Indian Prayer SATB and Piano6 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Missa Brevis SATB and 2 perc.20 minsSouthern Music Co.
The Seasons of Man SATB w/ 2 Trumpets3 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Two Poems SSAA and Harp (piano)9 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
A Verse of Solace SATB w/Handbells5 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Winter Bells SSAA5 mins.Belwin Mills
Brass And Percussion Ensemble
The Binding 444,2Euph,2/timp (opt.)/1Perc (opt.)5 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Brevard Fanfare 4331/timp/3Perc3 mins.Southern Music Co.
Liturgical Symphony 464,2Euph,2/Timp/3Perc13 mins.Western Intl. MusicR
March from The Love of Three Oranges 433,Euph,1/Timp/3Perc2 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Quodlibet 243,Euph,2/Timp/3Perc10 minsBoosey & Hawkes
Soundings 664,2Euph,2/Timp/3Perc5 minsBoosey & Hawkes
Two Pieces from Lieutant Kije 433,Euph,2/Timp/3Perc4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Variations on an Advent Hymn 464,2Euph,2/Timp/3Perc8 mins.Western Intl. MusicR
Vom Himmel Hoch 232,Euph,1/Timp(opt.)4 mins.Southern Music Co.
Solo And Chamber Works
Canonical Trilogy 4 Trumpets4 mins.Western Intl. MusicR
Chamber Concerto for Trombone and WW Quintet12 mins.Warwick Music
Colloquy for Saxophone and Percussion (1)10 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Concert Piece for 4 Trombones9 mins.Warwick Music (UK)R
Concertino for Oboe and Strings vers. for Oboe and Piano8 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Concerto for Piano vers. for 2 Pianos15 minsLudwig Music Pub. Co.
Concerto da Camera for Saxophone and Brass Quintet15 mins.Southern Music Co.R
Concerto for Trumpet (No. 1) vers. for Trumpet and Piano22 mins.manuscript
Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet vers. for Trumpet and Piano17 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Coup de Brass (encore piece) Brass Quintet1 min.Boosey & Hawkes
Cyclorama I for Flute ensemble 2 picc, 6 flutes, 2 afl, bfl13 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Cyclorama II for Saxophone ensemble 2 sop, 4 as, 2 ts, 2 bs, 2 bass sax12 mins.manuscript
Dialogue for Alto and Tenor Saxophone5 mins.Southern Music Co.
Diversion for 6 Trombones5 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Eight Profiles for Solo Trumpet (may be perf. individually)20 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Erato for Flute and Piano5 mins.Southern Music Co.R
Exhibition for Brass Quintet8 mins.Western Intl. Music Co.
Fantasia on a Sonata of D. Scarlatti for Flute and Harpsichord (piano)9 mins.Southern Music Co.
Fantasy on L’Homme Armé for Oboe and Piano6 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Five Inventions for 2 Clarinets12 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Fusion for Flute, Trombone, and Piano12 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Lament for 4 Horns and Tuba5 mins.Southern Music Co.
Olympic Fanfare for Brass Quintet2 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Nonet for Winds, Percussion, and Piano Fl, Cl, Asx, Bsn, Trp, Tbn, Tuba, Perc(1), Piano8 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Rhapsody for Trumpet vers. for Trumpet and Piano12 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Sarabande and Gigue for Alto Saxophone and Piano6 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Scherzino for WW Ensemble picc, 3 fl, 3 cl, bcl4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Scherzo for Horn and Piano3 mins.manuscript
Segments for 8 Trumpets6 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Sketches for five Brass Trp, 2 Hn, Trb, Tuba8 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano15 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Sonata for Viola and Piano10 mins.manuscriptR
Sonatina for Percussion Quartet7 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Suite for Woodwind Quintet12 mins.Shawnee Press
Three Bagatelles for Trumpet and Piano7 mins.Boosey & HawkesR
Threnody for solo saxophone4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Trio for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone7 mins.manuscript
Trio Sonata for Violin, Clarinet (Cello), and Piano9 mins.Southern Music Co.R
Tubular Octad 4 Euph, 4 Tuba7 mins.Boosey & Hawkes
Two Fabrications Piano Solo4 mins.Boosey & Hawkes